How to underline on WhatsApp: Tips to highlight your text! Want to highlight some of your messages or words from your texts on WhatsApp? There are solutions that will allow you to add styles to the font of this messaging app. Read this guide to learn how to underline on WhatsApp.

Is it possible to underline text in WhatsApp?

Generally speaking, underlining text on WhatsApp is intended to highlight or draw the recipient’s attention to a particular segment of the message. The WhatsApp instant messaging application does not provide a command or option that can be used to underline text.

There is therefore no official way to write an underlined message on WhatsApp. However, there are alternatives that will allow you to highlight your posts on this social network. You can indeed write a text in italics, in strikethrough, in bold, in monospace.

To do this, you need to know how to underline on WhatsApp without using the underscore. However, if you really want to underline, there is a unique method you can practice. This is the use of an application

How to underline on WhatsApp by changing the font?

If you are wondering how to underline text on WhatsApp by changing its look, here is the answer.

How to underline on WhatsApp: Use codes

You can italicize, strikethrough, bold, and width your texts manually by applying the following tips.


To write text in italics, add an underscore symbol (_) to the beginning and end. For example _How to write in italics, strikethrough and underline on WhatsApp Android?_ becomes How to write in italics, strikethrough and underline on WhatsApp Android?


If you want to write a strikethrough text, use the tilde sign (~) which you must add before and after the sentences. So you will write ~How to write in italics and strikethrough on WhatsApp?~ to make a conversion to strikethrough: How to write in italics and strikethrough on WhatsApp?

To bold text on WhatsApp, just add an asterisk (*) in front and behind the phrase. For example: write *How to underline on WhatsApp?* to get How to underline on WhatsApp? . Everything between the pentacles automatically becomes bold.


You can also personalize your text on WhatsApp by opting for the minivan. This is a style that changes the default WhatsApp font. To do this, you just have to put the symbol (“`) at the beginning and at the end of the sentence. You will get the FixedSys font, i.e. a message with fixed spacing. You can also write in color on WhatsApp through WhatsApp status. So these are some commands through which you can underline on WhatsApp.

The alternative to codes: shortcuts

If you can’t remember the codes, to highlight your text on WhatsApp, you have to use some fairly practical shortcuts. To do this, you must select the text you want to underline in order to highlight it. A context menu containing the various possible modifications will be displayed. You just have to make your choice by clicking on italic, bold, strikethrough, etc. If you are on the iOS operating system, you will have to press the BIU button to bring up these options.

How to use another app to underline text on WhatsApp?

Do you want to personalize your text by underlining it with a line on WhatsApp iPhone or Android? There are apps you can download to use this feature. Among others, we distinguish iMessage, Gmail, Blue Words, etc. But note that the procedure for underlining the message differs depending on the application used.

So, through the Blue Words app, you have up to 85 distinct letter styles and fonts that you can use. However, be aware that it only works on Android. So how to underline on WhatsApp Android with Blue Words?

Start by downloading Blue Words. How to download the app of the latter? Just do the same as downloading WhatsApp. Go to your Google Play Store, search for the app, and start downloading. After installation, open it and then follow the instructions it gives.

Once you are on the Text Styles page scroll down the list of styles until you find ”Underlined words”. Tap on it, and you will be directed to a new page. You must write your message in the box located at the bottom and bearing the inscription ”Write here”. Your phrase will appear in the top box with the underline.

Click the copy icon to the right of the result to copy it. Now, open the WhatsApp application, and go to the chat of the person you want to send the underlined message to or on your status. Paste the copied text and send it.

The advantage with Blue Words is that it is possible to select many other text styles and fonts to use for your WhatsApp messages and on your social networks. For example, italics, strikethrough, spacing, etc.

Ultimately, failing to underline a text on WhatsApp, you can put it in bold, bold italic, or monospace. But you also have the option of using a third-party application to underline your message.