Facebook generates a huge amount of traffic online. According to various estimates, Facebook generates between 1.5 and 1.8 billion clicks in traffic every day. This makes Facebook the second largest online traffic broker after Google.

Traffic to a business website brings a lot of positive things when it comes from a business perspective. Therefore, traffic must be obtained and it must be possible to convert this traffic into a business. Without traffic, a business website is like an empty retail space.

No business takes place in an empty commercial space, and no company can do better in serving it. The same thing happens online. If there are no visitors or events on a company’s website, it is impossible to grow an online business. Sometimes I hear a question from clients: -Why would we invest in a network when there is no trading from there? Just because one company doesn’t get a deal doesn’t mean someone doesn’t. It is mainly about who knows how to trade online.

How to get traffic for your business website using Facebook. Let’s go over the basics, which we’ll delve into in future blogs.

Interesting content posted regularly

Content plays a huge role in driving traffic. Distributing value-added material to people on a company’s Facebook page is a very effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Posting regularity has a positive effect on website traffic because:

  1. People will be more likely to see your post without paid advertising.
  2. People engage more on Facebook Pages that regularly post useful information.
  3. When your posts are useful, they don’t annoy people but instead drive useful traffic to your site.

Also, many add a link to the company’s website, even if they post an image, video, or just a text update. Traffic to a company’s website becomes better business than simply consuming Facebook content.

For example: About half of our blog readers get traffic from Facebook. People who are interested in digital marketing and want to learn more are very likely to come back again.

Use paid marketing to get traffic

Traffic generated through paid advertising has become increasingly important. Especially businesses that need to use paid advertising do not yet have a huge fan base on their Facebook page.

There are many undeniable benefits of paid advertising on Facebook.

  1. You can target your marketing to exactly the right audience.
  2. With A/B testing, you can build Facebook advertising and get more traffic at a lower cost.
  3. Online stores can advertise their products directly without engaging content and get their message across to people.
  4. You can make posts that don’t appear on your company’s Facebook wall and through that you can easily make limited offers.

Also, paying for visibility will attract more attention and high schools for good content. Businesses often have good information to share on their Facebook wall, which doesn’t reach interested people. When you take the time to create content, it also makes sense to make sure your content reaches people. Even small financial investments achieve great visibility and make content production useful for the company.

Take people to the right place.

Getting traffic to your website is important, but only the type of traffic that stays on your site and gets to know your content matters. It does little to profit from people visiting your site for a few seconds.

So tell people where you’re directing them and why. This will keep people visiting your site longer and generate good traffic. Facebook has also started looking at how long people spend on a page after a click and uses that to gauge what kind of advertiser or content producer you are.

By leveraging Google Analytics, you can clearly see how people are interacting with your site when they come through Facebook.

Good metrics to help measure traffic to your Facebook post include:

  1. Time spent on site
  2. Visitor traffic to the site

In e-commerce, of course, the best measure is the conversion, because this way you can accurately measure the return on the euros invested. Even then, conversion optimization can significantly boost your results.

Targeting brings results

Even if your product or service is of interest only to a few people. Also, only a part of this crowd is interested in your content. Still, the most important thing is to find the right audience to send your message to. This will also drive traffic to your website for your business.

Finland is full of Facebook pages whose Lovers are just employees of the company, apart from their friends. This target audience rarely has to be productive for the business and is less interested in the content you are producing. In a situation like this, it doesn’t make sense to think why traffic isn’t getting to your business pages through Facebook.