Keyword marketing refers to ads that appear on search engines on the Internet. Your ads will appear when you enter a search phrase containing the keyword in the search box, which will trigger the ads in your campaign.

In Finland, Google controls the search engine market with a share of over 96%. Bing comes in a “good second” with around 2% market share. In Finland, keyword marketing almost always means Google Adwords advertising.

Why is keyword marketing worth it?

  • Done well, your ROI (Return on Investment) is excellent.
  • When done correctly, it can be measured accurately.
  • When done correctly, it evolves according to the data that has been accumulated all the time.
  • If done correctly, your ads will only show to potential customers who are already searching for you and your business. So they are buying boots on their feet.

There is power in the reproduction and it is important to note that the effectiveness of keyword marketing is greatly affected This is how you do it. Like all marketing, it only works when done correctly.

Until five years ago, the competition for the attention of search engine users was much less, and even the weakest AdWords campaigns could generate a positive ROI. Today, competition is so fierce that it’s hard to turn a campaign into a positive one without the right skills.

How to do good keyword marketing?

Good keyword marketing is largely based on the same principles as any other good marketing. It requires knowledge of the customer, a good product and the right message.

AdWords is a channel to get your message to the right people. The biggest difference compared to traditional marketing is its targeting, the ads only appear when a search is done. Another big difference in keyword marketing is the accumulated data that allows the campaign to be developed.

Good keyword marketing is constantly evolving

Unlike traditional marketing, a keyword marketing campaign is constantly evolving. The campaign accumulates a large amount of data, and the data can be used to tailor the campaign for better results.

A good campaign is developed based on the data that has been accumulating all the time.

A keyword marketing campaign is made up of the following components:

  • Keywords
  • advertisements
  • landing pages


You need to choose the right keywords that will help seekers find your company’s products and services when searching for solutions to their problems. You need to know the format in which you enter your keywords in AdWords; Learn more about the types of keywords here.

The right keywords can be found with keyword research, but what keywords the campaign contains when it starts is different from what it will contain a month from now. Keywords should be reviewed, added, deleted and modified.

The optimal situation is that each keyword increases the effectiveness of your campaign.


public Relations 20/20 Marketing, Paul Ritzer He claims that even in this digital age, one of the most important skills of a salesperson is writing sales copy. I agree with that.

In keyword advertising, the ad is very difficult to write because there is only a total of 95 characters of space. In that small space, you need to grab human attention, tell them the benefits, features, price of your product or service, and get the applicant to click.

The difference between a good ad and a bad ad can be many times greater. However, ads can be tested on an ongoing basis. This way, over time, even a worse ad writer will get the performance of his campaign as long as he performs systematic tests. In an evolving campaign, ad a/b testing is ongoing.

landing pages

After clicking on the ad, the applicant will be directed to the desired website. The page that the user who clicks after the ad lands on is called the landing page.

The main function of the landing page is to get the visitor to complete the desired action, purchase the product, subscribe to the newsletter or submit a quote request.

With a little testing, changing your landing page, title, image, or call-to-action can greatly affect your page’s conversion rate, which is the number of people who take the action you want.


A well-designed keyword marketing campaign that is constantly optimized is often a really profitable way to do marketing. Actually, it works when any competitor’s product is marketed.

Google is constantly updating AdWords features and the competition for the attention of search engine users intensifies. A successful campaign requires constant updating and optimization. For example, incorporating Google’s Quality Score system into your campaign design can easily save you 50% of your marketing budget each year.

For example, in the United States, online stores often lower customer lifetime value (CLV). The price of a customer’s first transaction is so high through AdWords that the customer relationship only becomes profitable for the store after several purchases. Such competition will not be successful unless it is able to take advantage of the market information provided by the data.

A keyword marketing campaign constantly collects data on how and with what words your customers buy. So take advantage of the data and develop your campaign all the time.