Digital marketing is a relatively recent concept in the world of marketing. Especially for those who have been involved in marketing for a long time, its laws are new. Changes in practice are extremely rapid and hardly anyone until a few years ago was familiar with accurate measurement of long-term results.

However, this new and fastest-growing kid in marketing isn’t worth sheltering in place or running from. Like all acquaintances, getting to be with you takes time, but after this time, you will no longer agree to leave this new guy out of your marketing tools.

Let’s take a quick look at what digital marketing entails. From the links, you can delve into the area that interests you the most or where you have not yet done so.

Changes in marketing are fast, especially in the field of digital marketing. The list is constantly growing, but at least the following things are currently included in digital marketing coverage:

Much more is involved in digital marketing and the ways it is implemented. In my opinion, the most important message has been summed up in the most surprising way on wikipedia as follows:

Digital marketing is based on the business objectives of the company and defines the target groups and the message to be conveyed to the target group.

That is well said. Digital marketing is where the target group is first identified on the basis of some criteria as an interesting and potential customer base, after which targeted advertising messages are sent to them. At this point, digital marketing makes a strict nest distinction with traditional marketing channels which, as static channels, are left between measures.

Learning to measure is part of digital marketing

There is also one aspect of digital marketing that should always be considered, and that is measurement! In marketing, the return on the dollars invested in marketing is finally seen in pure numbers. Regardless of the digital marketing channel you use, you need to make sure that the measurement of your results is as effective and determined as possible. The amount of information you can get from your own business simply should not be wasted. This is repeated often in our message, but we want to emphasize that the entrepreneur can demand results from marketing and now those results can also be shown in numbers.

Numbers are the strength of digital marketing. Count the results without twisting

Examples of measured results cases

Well, whose kind of digital marketing is that?

I think it’s easy to answer. He is an entrepreneur and a businessman. When a company gets involved in digital marketing, there is a place to learn. Whether it’s marketing through Google, Facebook, or email, you’ll see which marketing messages work and which don’t. This is useful when planning all marketing communication and thinking about what advertising messages you should show at each moment. You will constantly learn more about the new guy and the more time you spend together, the better your collaboration will work out. As with all friendships, dating is easier when there is someone to introduce. In this case, making a friendship is quick. Nor does the wrong speaker bring out the best in a friend.