How does PPC Campaign (pay per click) advertising work? Google AdWords is an interesting way to advertise because it makes it very easy to get your ads up and running. The problem usually arises at the stage where advertising effectiveness is measured. Without a properly set up campaign, a new advertiser can easily donate half of their ad budget to Google conversion. We decided to do a fairly short seven-point blog series to help the novice advertiser avoid wasting their valuable ad budget. Today we take a look at your campaign setup.

Google Adwords PPC Campaign Framework:

  1. Campaign settings.
  2. The design guarantees the result.
  3. Keyword research.
  4. Create a valid offer.
  5. Write eye-catching ads.
  6. Create a well-convertible landing page.
  7. Install conversion tracking.


The same basic setup applies to most new advertisers. We recommend a new PPC advertiser to start advertising only on the search network.


If you advertise only in Finland, you must select Finland in addition to Sweden. This will ensure that your campaign appears on and, but only in the limited geographic area.


Just enable Google search. A big mistake is using the same campaign for both search and online display. The display network needs a completely different set of campaign settings.


Select Finland as the target area. If you only want to advertise locally, select Jyväskylä as the area.

Offers and budget

Focus on clicks, manual maximum CPC bids.

Budget = Your monthly budget / 30.

Distribution Method

Select ‘Accelerated – Show ads faster until your budget is depleted’. If this means that your campaign budget has already been reached in . 12, your keyword bids are too high or your daily budget is too low. This setting ensures that your ads appear whenever the keywords you use match a Google search. Your goal is to run out of your daily budget by 11:59 pm and you’ll need to adjust your keyword bids accordingly.

Schedule of performances

Ad scheduling is from 7am to 11pm, in most cases this is the right time to show your ads, but there are exceptions. If your goal is, for example, to receive phone calls with your campaign, make sure you limit the campaign to answering the phone.

Ad Distribution

Recycle without restrictions: Show the weakest ads more evenly with the most effective ads. No optimization. This setting is for continuous testing of your ads to ensure that both ads are displayed equally and that you can pick a winner.

In the next section, we’ll focus on planning your PPC campaign, and while it’s quick to get your campaign up and running, it’s important to plan ahead and minimize risks.