What’s better than getting people to share your company’s Facebook update? Ideally, this is the best marketing and will spread across Facebook like wildfire, reaching your target audience quickly and for free. However, this is not easy, but by considering the following, you will be able to create better content to share and allow you to be successful in this difficult type of marketing.

What do you need to do

1.Be consistent. When you decide to do Facebook marketing, you have your own time and place. This is one process among others and you should post interesting material frequently. (Mary Smith recommended five times a week)

two.Right time. When is your release relevant to your target audience? For example, we post our own blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays because those are the best days to convey business context. In all areas, time is not that important, while for others it is very important. So think about when your message would be most valuable to your recipient or intermediary.

3.Captivating image. This is an important but difficult area. You can spend hours with image banks looking for the right image. Good photo stop. Direct eye contact of the image, colorful images, or security-related work. Images also make your post look better.

Four.Keep your message short. Short messages are more attractive. fast company had found in their study that messages under 80 characters were 66% more engaging.

5.Relevant message. You need to know what kind of message your Facebook site is interested in. You direct your message only to them and give them some value that benefits them. This is often overlooked by smaller businesses, with weak communication and display of advertising alone.

6.Be real. Your Facebook page is the audio channel of your company. Give it a recognizable voice that reflects your brand.

7.Call to action. Once you have done the diamond upgrades, you can also ask to like or share it. However, be careful not to turn your Facebook site into a beggar without style. If the message is at a basic level, you must put a marketing budget to effectively reach it before.

8.Entertain. When you make a very entertaining message, it already has value in itself. This, linked to a good context, is the best possible combination. Remember that a boring message does not bind anyone.

9.Make lists. This blog post is also a list. There are many reasons for this. Lists are quick to read, easy to internalize, and easy to share.

10seasonal seasons. The seasons make it easy for your message to be relevant right now. Whether the holiday season, weather conditions or paydays in general affect your target group and whether they are easy to take into account. I highly recommend trying it.

End cassette

As many times before, you will only learn this by trying. The most important thing is that you dare to try. Make an appointment on your calendar and use this list to review your own Facebook page. Not everything may be right for your site, but pick the ones you think are available. Then just do a rigorous test and one day you’ll find you’ve made the first viral self-propagation update. Then just take notes on things done and think about how it was achieved.