“I would be interested in getting more clients, I have heard that Google AdWords advertising could be effective. After some googling, you have offers full of offers, price range 100 – 1000 e/month. How can you get different deals on the same service, how dare you buy this when you don’t know what you can get for the money?

Does it sound familiar to you? Of course, I also left out the fact that every business owner has already been called and emailed about AdWords advertising, to the point of boredom. We constantly face this problem with our clients.

Here’s a raw fact Google AdWords advertising is by no means a more effective way of advertising if it is not done correctly! If the price is $100/month and you also include media costs (ie clicks billed by Google), you know you can’t get much of a service. (unless there is little local visibility, eg to a hair salon).

The important thing is that you know how much of your budget goes to your advertiser and how much is the so-called media budget, that is, the part that goes to Google. We’ll look at pricing in more detail in next week’s blog. Let’s focus today on what makes a good AdWords

advertising includes.

What does proper AdWords advertising require?

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Offer (in some way to stand out from the competition)
  3. good ads
  4. Decent landing pages.
  5. Continuous tests.
  6. Follow-up of results.
  7. Depending on the results of campaign optimization.

Once those seven points are in order, you can really expect good results from your AdWords campaign. If there is nothing to talk about in the offer, you could also invest your money in other marketing channels. I’ll quickly go through those seven steps below so you can ask your AdWords advertiser.

1. Keyword Research

The strength of AdWords advertising compared to other advertising is that the customer is already looking for the service or product you offer. How does that client find you? With keywords and search phrases, without proper keyword research, your AdWords campaign will not be successful. When you receive a monthly keyword report from your AdWords advertiser to see what keywords have landed on your site, see that these are the words your customers might use to search for you. Some clients have come across keyword reports that contain words that are not related to the client’s business in any way. Driving traffic to your site with keywords unrelated to your business is a waste of money.

2. Offer and way to stand out

If your industry is competitive, it’s important to stand out from the competition. You need an irresistible offer, a way to stand out. This has already been thought about many times when designing a service or product, do you have a USP? (Unique selling proposition.)

  • Why do your customers buy from you? (and not from another company).
  • What problems do you solve?
  • What are the amazing features of your product?

Here’s a list of questions you’d like to hear from your AdWords campaign builder. If he doesn’t understand the benefits of your product or service, how can he sell it?

3. Good ads

When point two is well thought out and your advertiser knows your business and product, writing good sales ads is easy. A good offer and a decent USP is an advertisement in itself. It’s important that your AdWords advertiser has experience writing ads and how to sell. perry-marshall encourages you to think of ads as “individual sellers” who work 24 hours a day. There are many levels of sellers, the most effective usually sell 10 times more than the worst and more sellers sell more than one, so write more ads and find the best one, here are five more.

4. Proper landing pages

Advertising is the first step in getting a customer to import your store, that is, your website. If you can’t convince a visitor to the right place in the first 8 seconds, you’ve already lost them. How to write such a great landing page. Read more here -> Landing Page Selling Basics. So make sure you know which pages on your site your advertiser is driving traffic to. The visitor should find a page that matches the keyword they are using as soon as they click on your ad.

5. Continuous testing

There are many variables in an AdWords campaign.

  • Keywords
  • keyword bidding
  • Keyword Quality Scores
  • daily budget
  • advertisements
  • landing pages

All of these should be tested continuously, from month to month for best results. For example, if your Quality Score increases by two, you’ll typically keep the same ad position with a 25% lower cost per click. So by understanding Quality Score, you save a quarter of your media budget.. By constantly testing different offers, different benefits, and different features, you can see which type of ad sells the best. So be sure to ask your AdWords advertiser what trial plan they have for their ads and, in larger campaigns, landing pages. Adwords advertising is at the same time an ongoing market study.

6. Results monitoring

”Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the problem is that I don’t know which half” – John Wanamaker

John wouldn’t have had that problem with AdWords. Is your AdWords advertiser talking about conversion tracking? For online purchases and larger campaigns, setting up proper conversion tracking is imperative. Therefore, it is possible to track to the nearest euro how many sales are coming to your online store through your AdWords campaign.

You can also calculate the value of a contact, or the number of contacts you receive through your website, which can be followed closely with AdWords. You don’t have to guess if your ad is converting, you should be able to see it in the report sent to you each month. Do you receive a clear report from your advertiser every month?

7. Optimize your campaign to get results

Once conversion tracking is set up, your campaign should be optimized accordingly each month. Marketing no longer has to be a guess, with a proper test plan and conversion tracking, you can see what works and what doesn’t. Invest more in what works and reduce what doesn’t, so you can get the most out of your marketing budget. Constantly testing your ads will find the exact marketing offer and message your customers are responding to.

Let’s summarize the matter in one more sentence:

An effective AdWords campaign requires an understanding of the client’s business, an understanding of AdWords as a marketing channel, and mastery of the basics of statistics.

If you’re not happy with your current AdWords provider or would like to learn more about AdWords advertising and how it can help your business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to create a campaign that works for you.